I'm Sasial

A Fullstack & Game Developer, with more than 4 years experience

Who am I?

I am a student from Brisbane, Australia and I have been coding since 2018. I started on Roblox Lua (Luau) making Roblox games, and then I expanded into JavaScript and Typescript making Websites, Discord Bots & Roblox Games (using roblox-ts).


Senior Fullstack Engineer

31st December 2020 - Present

At Koal, I am responsible for a number of tasks including modernising the tech stack, re-writing the website, writing the backend API server and maintaining the bots.


3rd October 2019 - Present

At Lundstrong, I've revolutionised the Roblox Open Source Community, create free products that are the first of their kind - expanding game development to everyone.

Tech Stack

Contact Me

I am currently open for comissions. My timezone is GMT+10, so you may get replies from me at strange times. While I endavour to reply as soon as possible, it is helpful if you can tell me your timezone so I can reply when we're both online.




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